• John Grossi

Small Businesses vs Corporations

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

If you own a small business, more than likely, you compete with a corporation on some level that offers the exact same service or product that you do.  That corporation also likely puts millions of dollars into advertising and becoming a household name each year.  So how can you compete with their marketing when you may only have  a couple thousand dollars to spend over the course of the year?

 First of all, think honestly of the reasons why you’re better than that corporation.  Maybe they have lower prices than you or maybe they don’t, but one thing that is a definite advantage to your customers, is that at the end of the day you know the names of most of your customers and you go home thinking about them and thinking about how you can make each one individually happy.  The CEO of any corporation cannot boast about that.  Corporations make decisions based on statistics, small business owners make decisions based on people.

So, the answer is… show you are a person, a real person.  Take a look at this entire website I have created for prospective advertisers.  Yes I show the services I offer and their prices, and the background behind my business.  But moreover, just like the pictures of me coaching my basketball team, I show that I am a  real human that really lives in East Long Beach, that really cares about the community.

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