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Why logos aren't as important as you think they are!

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

My thoughts on Logos:

Disclaimer: This is my opinion…

Many small businesses care way too much about their logos, and waste too much space and money promoting their logos.

Don’t get me wrong, having a great logo with a font and design that reflects the essence of your business is very important and a very good thing to have.  It’s a staple of your business, and is great for customers to see on a sign out front your business and on your business cards, menus, pamphlets and brochures.  That is all fine.  Here are a few great logos from two of my clients.

But when it comes to advertising your business, I say focus on your product or service first and foremost.  That is what people are paying for.. They are paying for your food, or your dedication to customer service, or your honest pricing on home repair, or your expertise in your field, etc…

Show all that with real pictures and words, not a generic logo or sterile stock image.

You are not a corporate business with a corporate advertising budget.  You do not have your logo in stadiums, bus stops, commercials, websites, newspapers, and magazines around the country.

So leave the “branding your logo” to the big guys.. Here’s a big reason why.

Many small businesses advertise with a limited budget.  A half page or full page ad in my magazine and maybe a few other ads around town.  I personally wish this was not the case, the more advertising the better in my opinion, but especially if that is your reality, focus on something real, not your logo.

A small logo or no logo will suffice for most ads in my opinion.  Save the rest for captivating pictures and important information.  Here is a recent ad we designed that I think is very effective because their logo (though a great logo) was kept small and the main focus was food.

Pictures, pictures, pictures are the key to most great ads.  That’s why we offer to take new, high quality pictures each quarter for each new ad and for every marketing material we print for you.  That’s also why we pay for high quality, colorful, glossy paper.

Pictures draw you in, and nothing is a better representation of your business than a real-life picture of you, your employees, your product, your customers, your business… in action!

So call me up and have me send a photographer into your business to take a great picture today! If it’s for an ad in my magazine, the photography is free and for anything else it is cheap. How many other magazines can say that the same photographer taking their cover photo also takes the photos for almost every advertisement in the whole magazine???

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