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Why Print Advertising is Just as Important as Ever!

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

There’s definitely a perception out there that print advertising is going away.  Websites and social media… I hear people say… that’s where this world is headed…online.

Here’s what I tell small business owners when they tell me they are trying to figure out which medium is best to spend advertising dollars on:

I couldn’t agree more that digital media is very important in today’s advertising world. But any business owner who thinks social media is replacing print advertising is thinking about it all wrong.  Here’s why print advertising is just as effective as it’s always been (as long as you’re doing it right) and why online presence does not achieve the same goals as print:

What is the purpose of print advertising?

Print advertising has always been about giving your business an extra push….spending money to gain NEW clients who might not otherwise think about your business. It’s about putting your product or service in the eyes and minds of potential customers who live near your business but don’t make your business a part of their weekly routine or have gotten out of the practice of supporting you for whatever reason.

What is the purpose of online presence?

(For this blog post I’ll refer to just websites and social media as “online presence” since for the time being other forms of online ads are more popular with corporations than small businesses in my experience).

Online presence should be thought of as an extension of your brick and mortar building. think about it… People’s first impression of your business used to be how it looked from the outside.  Does it look welcoming, new, painted, etc.? Prospective customers would hear about your business from either word-of-mouth or print ads, but then drive-by before going in.

In today’s world, internet presence is so important because the first thing people do after they hear about you is check your website and social media channels to see if your business looks reputable, exciting, and inviting.

Just like they used to drive-by before walking in (which they still do by the way….make sure your business looks friendly….sorry, owning a business is not easy…or cheap), they now check you out online before walking in.Depending on your business, online presence is perhaps even more important than print advertising, but it is different. If you’re deciding between one or the other my answer is BOTH!

Never underestimate the long-term benefits of selling your message door-to-door to your closest 5,000, 10,000, 20,000+ neighbors. That can only be achieved through print and it is still one of the most effective ways to get NEW business from a sustainable customer and client.

A great website will help close the deal with interested prospects.  Social Media will help you maintain and upsell current clients.  But print advertising is just as it always was.  That EXTRA push, successful businesses invest in, to always be gaining new clients.

Another huge advantage of print, is that unlike the internet, print ads are not saturated with all kinds of other ads from competitors.  When you search a business online, all sorts of similar businesses also pop up confusing the advertising process.

In print, you can communicate your message clearly and with little competition from other like-minded businesses.

Advertising is so important.  I truly hope you don’t limit your business to one medium or another.  Much like cardio and strength are both necessary for the ultimate fitness regiment, web and print work together, they are not adversaries!

It’s easy to get in a rut at the gym and only lift weights, just like it’s easy to focus on only advertising online.  But you want your business and yourself to be the best.

It’s never just one thing that turns a prospective customer into business.  If you choose one form of advertising or another you are limiting your possibilities which will eventually limit your business.

Reach out to everyone in every way and they will reach out to you!

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